how to clean your carpet professionaly

Let me tell you about one of our clients. This client was a famous recording studio

In Central London. There were just a couple of carpets for cleaning in the studio,

But they were very dirty. We sent our supervisor for steam cleaning to this address,

Because we saw few pictures of the pieces of carpet to be cleaned. When he started

Cleaning, he got rid of all the dirt, that was accumulated during the years of exploiting

The carpets. The clients were so pleased with our cleaning service, that one of them

Ordered carpet cleaning for his guest house in Chelsea. There we all sorts and sizes

Of carpets in this large house. There were bedroom cream carpets, dark lounge

Carpets, white living room carpets and lots of staircase carpets to be cleaned.

You could almost see  the  hundreds of parties that those carpets had been through.

There were mud marks, oil stains, wine and liqueur spills, food spots and everything

You could imagine. This was one of the hardest cleaning jobs, that our supervisor  had

In his eight years of professional steam carpet cleaning. It took half a day for him only

To clean the carpets. After that, there were several upholstered pieces of furniture,

Several curtains from all kinds of fabric to be deep cleaned. After another 4 hours of

Hard cleaning, everything was done. The owner came back home in the afternoon

And was pleased with the quality of the cleansing. All the carpets, all the sofas, armchairs,

love seats, rugs foot stools and curtains were looking like new. There were only a couple

of mattresses that were to damaged and they were discarded. Since then, we have a loyal

regular customer for our cleaning services. He calls us after every event in his guest house

and even when he needs carpet cleaning in his own house. We, Pro Lux Cleaning can

provide you with the best carpet and upholstery cleaning in London. We cover all the

post codes and there isn’t a job too small or too difficult for our team of experienced

carpet cleaners. Call us anytime – from Monday to Sunday, or just write us an e-mail.

You will be fully satisfied!

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